Natural Face Scrub


It has detoxifying and relaxing properties. It removes dead cells and stimulates blood circulation. Moisturizes, nourishes, and cleanses the skin as well as relieves stress.

Aloe, Calendula, Coconut, Lavender, Grape

◉ For moisturizing and nourishment.
◉ For irritations, redness, and inflammations.
◉ For cuts, wounds, and wrinkles.

◉ Ideal for facial use.
◉ Should be stored in airtight containers -in a cool, dark, and dry area- to preserve its properties.

By CUMAEA, located in the village of Koili, near Kymi in Evia. It manufactures natural, traditional soaps from pure olive oil, enriched with a variety of medicinal herbs that grow in the area. It also produces wax salves, herbal extracts, liquid hand soaps, and shaving soaps.

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