Psyllium (Plantago Ovata)


Popularly known as Psyllium, the Planatago psyllium is a native of North America. However, you will find it spread all over the world. A rich source of healthy nutrients such as Vitamins K, A and C, the plant is well known for its medicinal qualities.

For medicinal purposes, Psyllium plants which are older than 2 years are the best. This is one of the herbs that is considered as a weed and is pretty common to see anywhere you move along the road. Planatago psyllium is one other ingredient in the “magic 9-plant” that is believed to have supernatural powers.

In modern times, the Planatago psyllium is primarily used for treating constipation as well as an aid to weight loss programmes.

It is also very helpful in preventing diarhhea, reduces high cholesterol, and the levels of triglycerides. It is also especially effective for treating IBS (Inflammatory bowel disease), colitis, haemorrhoids, and diverculities. It is best used as a laxative as it builds in the large intestine, and swells to sweep away all harmful toxins from the intestine.

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