"Rice Risotto Paella" Spice Mix


Aromatic herbs and spices in a perfect combination. The thick small grains of Arborio rice absorb smoked paprika, pepper, garlic onions, and other mystical ingredients, giving each mouthful a rush of flavor.
Paella is a rice dish that originated in Valencia, a town on Spain's eastern coast, in the mid-nineteenth century.

Onions, Paprika, Turmeric, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Rapeseed oil

Ideal for Paella Risotto.
You can also use it when cooking seafood such as mussels, clams, and eel, baked beans, vegetables, rice dishes, soups, and sauces to give them that special flavor, aroma, and color.

◉ Should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry place- to preserve the flavor, texture, and properties.

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