"Smoked" Cretan Sea Salt (Fleur De Sel)


Smoking salt takes it from its humble roots to a magnificently complex seasoning that imparts a wood-fired aroma, and flame-grilled flavour to your dish. It is prized by vegetarians and vegans all over the world for its natural, bacon-like flavor and deep smokey scent, elevating vegetarian meals to a new level.
The natural smoking process with no artificial smoke flavorings or colors added, makes this already wonderful sea salt reach new depths in an ocean of flavors.

The crystals that form on the top during the evaporation process of the seawater are known as "Flower of the Salt" (Fleur De Sel) and are hand-harvested from the south shore of Crete. The Cretan sea salt is naturally high in iodine, nutrients, and minerals all of which are essential to our health and body.

Cretan Sea Salt smoked with Applewood

Springle on hard-boiled eggs, in your guacamole, potatoes, fries, legumes, soups or even on chocolate.
Great as a meat rub, as well as ribs, burgers, pork chops, turkey, and bacon.
BONUS TIP: Rub between your fingers and you have the perfect salt for rimming glasses for margaritas, Bloody Marys, Tequila shots, and whiskey sours.

◉ Sea salt blends should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry area- to preserve their flavor.
◉ Depending on how they are stored, the spices in seasoned salts may begin losing their potency and full flavor after 6 months or so. If you want to, you can still use the salt. 

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