Sweet Flag Root (Acorus Calamus)


Acorus Calamus It can be used as a stimulant, a mouth wash, painkiller, a remedy against asthma and bronchitis, a rejuvenation tonic and to increase potency and memory, or for just for plain enjoyment.

Also known as the “Sweet Flag”,  “Calamus”, “Myrtle Grass” and “Myrtle Root”, Acorus Calamus is a medicinal herb commonly used in many traditional healing systems such as Ayurveda and Unani. A native of Sri Lanka and India this plant is also found on the banks of rivers and ponds of the UK.

Acorus Calamus is used both internally and externally for a wide array of ailments. It is used to treat abdominal pain, appetite loss, flatulence and worms. Taken with warm salt-water it alleviates symptoms of asthma, cough and accumulation of phlegm. To eliminate symptoms of fatigue and exertion a warm bath to which a few drops of essential oil of calamus is recommended.

Applied externally the herb is effective is reducing pain and swelling in rheumatic joints. It also provides relief from burns, cuts, boils, and varicose veins. Acorus Calamus is also used for of epilepsy and hysteria. The herb is used for augmenting labour pains and regulating menstrual cycles since it stimulates uterine contractions.

Acorus Calamus is known to improve brain function in the areas of memory, learning and speech, especially after a stroke. It is also known to reduce depression.

The herb is contraindicated for pregnant women and those with any type of kidney or liver damage. Excessive use can induce narcotic effects.

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