Sweet Paprika 200 ASTA Powder


Paprika has been grown for ages in North America and Central Mexico, but it was the Spanish who were the first to dry and grind the red fruits into the spice we know today.

ASTA is a paprika color grade that is the most important indication of the paprika powder's quality. The brighter the hue, the higher the ASTA number. If it measures more than 130 ASTA, it is deemed premium quality, according to the Hungarian food codex.

Sweet paprika is a ground spice that is used all over the world to add color and flavor to a variety of dishes. Sweet paprika is often used to give red color, particularly in Balkan nations.

Excellent with stews, eggs, rice meals, poultry shrimp, steamed veggies, or rice dishes, particularly delicious in tomato-based sauces and stews.
It may also be used to season sausages and meatballs before they are cooked. Sweet paprika enhances the flavor of yogurt dips. Finally, it may be used as a dressing for white cheeses such as feta cheese.

◉ Spices should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry area- to preserve their flavor.

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