Taxolin Tea (Corylus Avellana)


What is this product in a nutshell? 
This is a Greek and world patent. It is a biological food supplement from hazelnut and a method of preparation for the treatment of superficial and invasive bladder cancer. More particularly, the invention relates to a biological food supplement containing as active ingredient taxol - paclitaxel which is used in the treatment of metastatic breast and ovarian cancer. Its mode of action is to over-stabilize the microtubules that are necessary for the division and rapid proliferation of cancer cells.

Is it part of classical or homeopathic medicine?
It belongs to a revolutionary medicine that has been applied in recent years and is called gemmotherapy, wherefrom plant extracts, tree trunks, bark sprouts, and young shoots, we have revolutionary phytotherapy.

How does he prove that he really does what he promises?
It lowers the cancer markers and there is no papillae re-emergence in the bladder. This is seen in repeated cystoscopies - urinary cytology. Also in animals with malignancy - significantly extends the survival time while at the same time giving them a quality of life due to the absence of side effects. Only miraculously could we say the results.

What exactly is the mode of action of this preparation?
The present preparation has the same mode of action as cytostatic drugs (chemotherapy), namely:
a) in the first phase it prevents the rapid and uncontrolled mitotic division of the tumor cells and in the second phase, it modifies the structure of the DNA or its function, disorganizing and finally destroying the cell.
b) allows the regeneration of only eukaryotic cells.
However, the recommended formulation has an advantage over these drugs, even those containing taxol, since hazelnut contains taxol in cis transform bound by α and β tubulin in an equimolar mixture. This means that the mixture as an equimolar contains two antipodes, which cancel each other out, thus neutralizing the side effects caused by the use of the common taxol, as described above.

In addition, the present preparation is also advantageous because it contains some ingredients not found in other types of antineoplastic drugs, such as:
a) contains trivalent phosphorus, which prevents muscle atony.
b) contains copper that helps in the proper quality of red blood cells.
c) contains powerful antioxidants, which prevent aging and consequently the mitotic division of cells.

Finally, this formulation differs from other commercially available taxol-containing drugs (taxol) because, according to the third method of preparation, it can be administered orally, in contrast to chemotherapy in which taxol ( taxol) is administered by intravenous infusion, after dissolving in saline, causing, as predicted, side effects on the liver.

This supplement is taken by the patient for now, in the form of a decoction.

In a large pot add 2,4 liters of water as well as all the content of the bag (500gr). Let it boil for 12-14 minutes stirring at the same time with a wooden ladle. Cover it and let it out of the fire to cool down for about 2 hours to yield the maximum of its properties. We strain and place it in glass bottles and keep it in the fridge. We drink every morning 20 minutes before meals 120ml cold - or warm by adding some hot water.

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