Couch grass, Agropyron repens, Αγριάδα.


Agropyron repens also known as couch grass, is a native to Northwest Africa, Asia, Europe and the Arctic region.  It is recognised for its expectorant, diuretic, demulcent, broad antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

The couch grass was used in Austria for traditional medication for fever. It is highly effective against bladder irritability, as it not only reduces the pain but also lessens the frequency of urination.  It is also used for treating chronic cystic irritability, chronic prostatitis, and gonorrhoea, strangury and hematuria.

Agropyron repens is well known for its ability to treat nephritis, congestion, allaying irritation and inflammation. It can provide effective relief from gout, jaundice and rheumatism. The couch grass has also been used successfully for detoxification of kidneys.

It is especially used for treating bladder catarrhal disease and provides relief in the case of gravel.

Agropyron repens is helpful at the same time to sooth a sore throat as its expectorant properties help to clear out the phlegm accumulated during a cold. It contains mucilage that coats the throat and clears congestion making it easier to breathe and sleep at night.

Be aware that the couch grass is known to lower sugar levels in some people. It is also toxic to birds.

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