Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)


Gynostemma pentaphyllum is a plant that grows wild in China. The leaf is used to make medicine. Jiaogulan is sometimes referred to as “Southern Ginseng” because it grows in south central China and is used in similar ways as ginseng.
Jiaogulan is used for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improving heart function. It is also used for strengthening the immune system, increasing stamina and endurance, increasing resistance to environmental stress (as an “adaptogen”), improving memory, and preventing hair loss.
Thousand herb Jiaogulan aroma infusion (pure gently dried Jiaogulan leaves) from natural "wild growth" cultivation, in a still barely touched area of ​​China (Hunan). Harvested by hand !

Original Jiaogulan from Centaury is subject to constant quality controls through analyses (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) by an independent laboratory.

Wild growth: No fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides are used for the cultivation. The weeds are removed by hand alone . This is the only way to create a strong plant with the right aroma and properties. No preservatives, colourings, flavourings or other fillers are used in further processing.

Only the upper parts of the Jiaogulan plant are harvested by hand. You only get the young, healthy and strong components of Jiaogulan. 

3g jiaogulan (2 teaspoons) in 1 liter of boiling water, let it steep for at least 5 minutes, then strain. A second infusion, as well as flavouring, through a cold extraction, is possible.

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