Milk thistle leaves (Silybum marianum) Γαιδουράγκαθο


The Milk thistle is one of the more valued herbs in the medicinal plant pharmacology. Also known as Our lady’s Thistle, this herb is a native of North America. According to folklore, the white lines on the green leaves are symbolic of the milk that Mother Mary spilled when she nursed Infant Jesus laying in the midst of a field where the thistle grew.

The herb was used in ancient times as treatment for liver; it protects the liver against damage and also helps regenerate when the liver is destroyed by abuse. It is today used as such both in the USA and Europe. It is the best for alcoholics and also for anyone who is fighting substance abuse.

Milk thistle use has been approved by the German Commission E for treatment of liver and minor dyspeptic complaints. Combined with other herbs it also helps the gallbladder and in general, the digestive system.

In the ancient times, this herb was also used as mouth freshener and as a deodorant for doing away the smell of sweaty underarms. In the form of tea, it strengthened the stomach and increased urine production.

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