Walnut Leaves (Juglans Regia)


Brewing a lovely warming tea with these walnut leaves, which are high in vitamins and minerals, is an excellent way to boost immunity and improve circulation.

Walnut leaves are particularly beneficial in natural healing since they have anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic qualities. They are thought to be useful as a treatment for poor digestion or diarrhea. It has been used as a natural laxative and is said to be beneficial for cleansing the digestive tract. In traditional herbal medicine, they are used to remove worms, parasites, and harmful pathogens from the body.

Natural tannins in walnut leaves are thought to change the pH of the gut, which may aid in the elimination of fungi, parasites, and yeast, as well as the expelling of worms and parasites.

Walnut leaves are rich in astringent tannins, which tighten skin tissues and make them useful for treating skin disorders like eczema, acne, psoriasis, and dandruff. It is also known to alleviate sunburn and excessive perspiration.

This herbal remedy should only be consumed for a short period of time.
🡆It is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, and those having nut allergies.

Recommended Dosage
◉ 1-3 teaspoons of loose tea (or 3g up to 3 times) daily. If more than one herbal mixture is consumed at the same period of time, reduce the amount of tea accordingly.
◉ When herbs are used for an extended period of time, it is suggested to consume a herbal remedy with a ratio of 3 to 1. For example:
- If you choose to take it for 3 weeks, have a one-week pause.
- If it is taken for a 30-day period, have a 10-day pause.
That does not apply to herbs and fruits that have a laxative effect.

◉ Should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry place- to preserve the flavor, texture, and properties.
◉ Before adding a new herbal remedy or supplement to your daily routine, you should consult with a medical doctor or holistic health practitioner. 

Herbal Tea Brewing Instructions

  1. Heat the water to just the point when it starts to boil.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of loose tea, to a tea infuser or tea bag, for every 180ml - 240ml of water.
  3. Pour the heated water (right off the boil) over the tea, cover your cup, and steep for 7-10 minutes or longer.
  4. Add honey or stevia for sweetness, if desired.

    Follow these additional steps to make the perfect cup of tea!

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