White Willow (Salix Alba)


The bark of white willow trees (Salix alba) includes the chemical salicin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Europe, Central Asia, and Northern Africa are its natural habitats.

Salicin functions similarly to aspirin's active component, acetylsalicylic acid. In fact, salicin was utilized to create aspirin in the 1800s.

It's high in antioxidant molecules that have been demonstrated to protect against oxidative stress and age-related symptoms including poor physical performance and cognitive loss.

Physical training-related chronic lower back pain, headaches, exhaustion, anxiety, menstrual cramps, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and soreness have all been proven in studies to be some situations where it helps.

It can also aid in the treatment of a fever, the treatment of a common cold, the management of flu symptoms, and even the speeding up of recovery from various diseases.

Recommended Dosage
◉ 1-3 teaspoons of loose tea (or 3g up to 3 times) daily. If more than one herbal mixture is consumed at the same period of time, reduce the amount of tea accordingly.
◉ When herbs are used for an extended period of time, it is suggested to consume a herbal remedy with a ratio of 3 to 1. For example:
- If you choose to take it for 3 weeks, have a one-week pause.
- If it is taken for a 30-day period, have a 10-day pause.
That does not apply to herbs and fruits that have a laxative effect.

◉ Should be stored in airtight glass containers -in a cool, dark, and dry place- to preserve the flavor, texture, and properties.
◉ Before adding a new herbal remedy or supplement to your daily routine, you should consult with a medical doctor or holistic health practitioner. 

Herbal Tea Brewing Instructions

  1. Heat the water to just the point when it starts to boil.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of loose tea, to a tea infuser or tea bag, for every 180ml - 240ml of water.
  3. Pour the heated water (right off the boil) over the tea, cover your cup, and steep for 7-10 minutes or longer.
  4. Add honey or stevia for sweetness, if desired.

    Follow these additional steps to make the perfect cup of tea!

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